FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Framing Imprisoned Pro-Trump State Senator

In a stunning admission, the lead FBI agent in former Arkansas State Senator Jon Woods’ case has admitted to destroying evidence that could have proven him innocent. Woods was the first elected official in the state to endorse former President Trump in 2016.

According to the Gateway Pundit:

Two years [after his endorsement] U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks of the Western District of Arkansas sentenced Woods to serve 18 years in federal prison, in addition to three years of supervised release and ordered Woods to pay $1.6 million in restitution.

Yesterday, the lead FBI Agent in his case plead guilty to destroying exculpatory evidence that could have proven Woods’ innocence.

“In a plea deal filed Wednesday, a former FBI agent pleaded guilty to paying a business to “wipe” his computer to make the hard drive unavailable for forensic examination.

According to court documents, former agent Robert Cessario was charged with “corrupt destruction of record in an official proceeding” in connection to the corruption trial of former state Sen. Jon Woods of Springdale.

In the plea deal, Cessario stated: “I erased the contents of the computer hard knowing that the court has ordered that the computer be submitted for a forensic examination. I did so with the intention of making the contents of the computer’s hard unavailable for forensic examination. At the time, I knew that the contents of the hard drive were relevant to an official proceeding, that is, Cause No. 5:17-CR-50010, United States v. Woods et al. I corruptly performed and had performed, the erasures with intent to impair the integrity and availability of the computer hard drive and its contents for use in that official proceeding.”

Woods obtained funds for a Christian school in Arkansas and the government alleged that the donation to the school was a form of fraud because it was collected under false pretenses. The case against Woods was the Department of Justice’s favorite trick: using the word ‘fraud’ to apply to any financial transaction they don’t like.

Read more at the Gateway Pundit.


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