The Media has a New Name for Hard Working Americans…

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Media outlets have increased the use of the phrases “election denier” and “election deniers,” using the terms more than one thousand times since Aug. 1, according to the founder of Grabien Media and confirmed by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“If it seems like you’re suddenly hearing the term ‘election deniers’ everywhere in media, it’s because you are,” Tom Elliott posted on Twitter Sunday evening, posting a graphic showing the term was used twice as often in the first six days of August than the entire month of July. (RELATED: ‘Deeply Cynical’: CNN Panel Blasts Democrats For Promoting Successful Trump-Endorsed Candidate)

The Daily Caller News Foundation confirmed Elliott’s figures from January through July, but noted that the term had been used 1,087 times since Aug. 1 through Aug. 8, as opposed to the 1,037 reported by Elliot. The terms “election denier” and “election deniers” were used 499 times on CNN, and another 275 times on MSNBC during that time frame.

“There are many election deniers, many people who pretend or actually believe that the 2020 election was corrupt despite all the evidence, and some of these deniers are winning GOP primaries,” CNN host Brian Stelter said on “Reliable Sources” Sunday, in one prominent usage of the term.

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