Viktor Orbán Creates Damning Narrative About The Future of the West

The March of Millions on Sunday the 8th of December in Kiev / Photo by Ivan Bandura via Wikimedia Commons

Frequently employing war-like rhetoric, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday told a crowd of conservatives in Dallas that the future of “Western civilization” is in peril — attacking progressives while imploring right-wing Americans and Hungarians to “know how to fight.”

“The West is at war with itself,” Orbán said on Thursday, opening the three-day Conservative Political Action Conference. “We have seen what kind of future the globalist voting bloc has to offer. But we have a different future in mind. The globalists can all go to hell, I have come to Texas.”

Orbán’s speech came weeks after he drew heavy criticism from civil-rights groups, Holocaust survivors and even members of his own inner circle after denouncing race-mixing and making light of the systemic killing of Jews and other groups deemed “undesirable” by Nazi Germany during World War II.

During his speech Thursday, Orbán was unrepentant: “A Christian politician cannot be racist,” he said.

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