New San Francisco DA Goes Nuclear

Photo by Bob Jagendorf via Wikimedia Commons


The San Francisco district attorney who replaced ousted woke DA Chesa Boudin revoked dozens of plea deals given by Boudin.

In a news release Wednesday, San Francisco DA Brooke Jenkins announced she had revoked more than 30 plea bargains that Boudin, her far-left predecessor, had offered to drug offenders during his administration. The reversals were part of a broader policy unveiled by Jenkins, which would prohibit drug dealers arrested with more than five grams of drugs from being referred to the city’s so-called “community justice court.” It would also impose enhanced charges for dealers arrested within 1,000 feet of a school, and potentially seek pre-trial detention for fentanyl dealers, “in extreme cases.”

“Since 2020, nearly 1,500 people have died of drug overdose in part because dealers have been allowed to operate with impunity,” Jenkins said in the news release. “The lethality of fentanyl presents a different challenge, and we must immediately change course, so we can save lives and hold people accountable for the havoc they are wreaking in our communities like the Tenderloin and South of Market. Going forward defendants holding lethal doses of fentanyl will face felony charges.”

In one case in which a plea deal was revoked, described by Jenkins in the release, a fentanyl dealer in the city’s Tenderloin district was arrested with more than 100 grams of fentanyl. That drug dealer already had six open cases for dealing fentanyl in the Tenderloin. The dealer was previously referred to the community justice court at least five times by Boudin’s administration, despite not complying with the court’s mandated requirements and violating the terms of a stay away order from the Tenderloin district, each time he was arrested. That dealer was offered a single misdemeanor charge in order to close all six outstanding cases.

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