Trolls Mark Brandon Falls on the Map

White House / Public Domain

Internet users seemed to have designated the spot where President Joe Biden fell off his bike in Delaware as a historical landmark named “Brandon Falls” on Google Maps.

Biden took a tumble while riding his bike with his wife on a Saturday morning in June near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Internet users naming the site “Brandon Falls” are referring to an incident where NBC reporter Kelli Stavast claimed NASCAR fans were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon,” the name of a race car driver, not “F**k Joe Biden.” Since then, critics of Biden have used the name “Brandon” to refer to the president. (RELATED: Biden Says ‘Let’s Go Brandon, I Agree’)

“A place symbolic of America in 2022! Let’s go Brandon! Brandon Falls USA! 🇺🇸” one person commented on the location in Google Maps.

“A special piece of history occured here. I can’t wait to visit it again,” another wrote.

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