Abbott Authorizes Troopers and Guard to Arrest and Return Illegal Immigrants

Photo Courtesy of US Customs and Border Patrol

From American Briefing: 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) issued an executive order to authorize the state’s National Guard and state troopers to arrest immigrants who cross the border illegally and return them to Mexico.

“While President Biden refuses to do his job and enforce the immigration laws enacted by Congress, the State of Texas is once again stepping up and taking unprecedented action to protect Americans and secure our southern border,” Abbott said in a statement.

“The cartels have become emboldened and enriched by President Biden’s open border policies, smuggling in record numbers of people, weapons, and deadly drugs like fentanyl,” Abbott said.

He specifically cited the Biden administration’s decision to end Title 42, which allowed officials to turnaround immigrants at the border, as well as the “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required some asylum-seekers to await application evaluation from across the border.

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador urged Mexicans in the USA to not vote for Abbott or support the Republican party.

“Even though we are respectful of the sovereignty of other countries, we see that there are anti-immigrant campaigns for electoral purposes. I consider it immoral,” Obrador said.

The White House also issued a comment. “Immigration enforcement is a federal authority and states should not be meddling in it,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters Friday.


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