Hillary Clinton Stokes Fears of Nightmare Scenario for liberals

Photo by Marc Nozell via Flickr

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed that the Supreme Court inflicted a “terrible travesty” on America by overturning Roe v, Wade and potentially gutting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) during an interview that aired Tuesday on “CBS Mornings.”

“I think our country is really on the precipice,” Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, told co-host Gayle King. “I think that we are looking at not only the erosion of these rights, throwing the door open to unfettered, unregulated gun access, but we’re also looking at dismantling the federal government, how it protects our air and our water and everything else that goes with it.” (RELATED: ‘What Other Judicial Outrage Must We Endure?’: Dems Call For Expanding SCOTUS After String Of Losses)

The Supreme Court has yet to issue a decision in West Virginia v. EPA, which could determine whether the EPA can regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

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