Gov. Kristi Noem Want to Push a Major Event for The 4th Of July

Photo by Jim Bowen from Hope Mills NC, US via Wikimedia Commons

In December 2018, shortly after I was elected governor, President Trump invited several governors-elect to Washington to talk about our priorities and see where he might be able to help. Knowing the president’s bias for action, I understood that bringing up matters we could tackle right off the bat would increase the chances of getting them done. They would also be far more likely to warrant the president’s personal involvement.

“Mr. President, I need a farm bill and trade agreements done. Our farmers and ranchers need access to new markets to level out the playing field to continue to grow our nation’s food supply.” The president nodded.

“I’d also like to have your help with moving some opportunity zones,” I went on. More nodding.

“And lastly, Mr. President,” I said, “I’d like your help getting fireworks back to Mount Rushmore.” He immediately perked up. “Fireworks? What do you mean?”

From Fox News


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