NFL Star Calls for Gun Control ‘Outlaw Everything’…

Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow / Screenshot via the Cincinnati Enquirer on YouTube

From FMN

Bengals Quarterback Joe Burrow recently came out in an interview to promote gun control.

Joe Burrow recently sat down with the Cincinnati Enquirer to talk football, superheroes, and firearm policy. During the interview, Burrow told the press that he believes that we should outlaw every type of firearm.

You know – with everything that’s going on – if you’re not going to outlaw everything, you’ve got to at least make it harder to get all those crazy guns that everybody’s using. I don’t think you should be able to just walk in there and buy one. You’ve got to go through a rigorous process to be able to buy something like that, I think. Hopefully, the people that get paid to make those decisions figure that out. My job is to play football, but hopefully, the politicians can figure that out.

You can watch Joe Burrow’s full interview here: 




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