Democrat Senator hit with Stroke While Giving Speech

White House / Public Domain

From AAN:

Democrat Senator Chris Van Hollen was hit with a stroke over the weekend while giving a speech and was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Maryland Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen suffered a stroke while delivering a speech over the weekend and is now being treated in a hospital.

The first-term senator, who is up for re-election in November, said he began feeling light-headed while speaking in western Maryland. He saw a doctor shortly afterward and learned he had suffered a stroke.

“Earlier today, an angiogram indicated that I had experienced a minor stroke in the form of a small venous tear at the back of my head,” Van Hollen said in a statement Sunday.

The Terrapin State’s junior senator, who succeeded Barbara Mikulski in 2016, was admitted to George Washington University Hospital, where he remains under observation.
Van Hollen claimed his doctors had told him they don’t believe he will suffer any long term complications from the stroke.


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