Reporter From Portland Arrested For Carrying out Attacks on Synagogues and a Mosque

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A notorious reporter in Portland Oregon has reportedly now been arrested and charged with carrying out arson and vandalism attacks on Synagogues and a mosque.

As The Daily Wire reports:

A reporter in Portland has been arrested in connection with arson and vandalism cases involving multiple houses of worship in the area, according to local law enforcement officials.

Michael E. Bivins, 34, was booked Saturday into the Multnomah County Detention Center on three criminal mischief charges and one arson charge.

The Oregonian reported that Bivins is accused of “spraying an antisemitic death threat” outside one of the synagogues where staff also found “scorch marks from recent fires.” He is also accused of returning to the same synagogue and spraying more graffiti and throwing a large rock through a window, along with breaking a window at a different synagogue and starting a fire at a mosque.

“On Wednesday, Bivins came by the FOX 12 station asking to speak to a reporter,” the outlet said in a statement. “He said he was the one vandalizing places of worship, gave names and locations of places he had been to and vandalized, and said he would not stop committing these crimes before stating he would come back to the station Friday afternoon.”

Federal law enforcement have reportedly now been contacted and more severe charges may soon by on their way for Bivins.


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