Pro Abortion Protest Turns Into Anti-Police Riot

Photon by Chris O’Neil via AmericanActionNews

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Hundreds of pro-abortion protesters turned on the police who were ensuring their safety in Los Angeles last night.

According to LAPD Chief Michel Moore, police were escorting a large group of at least 250 protesters as they walked from a federal building to Pershing Square.

When a segment of the group attempted to stop and occupy an intersection, police tried to clear the roads and ordered the group to disperse.

Instead, the crowd picked up rocks and bottles from the street and threw them at officers, injuring at least one who was transported via ambulance.

According to the New York Post, LAPD was forced to declare a citywide tactical alert as the crowd became increasingly violent, overwhelming officers and smashing windows out of cars. It became so uncontrolled, Homeland Security officers responded to the incident.

A Los Angeles Times reporter shared images from the scene on Twitter.


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