Disney Exec Quits Following Botched PR Campaign

Photo by Gage Skidmore

The Disney public relations executive who had a key role in the company’s disastrous response to a Florida law barring public school teachers from discussing woke sex and gender fluidity theories is leaving the beleaguered company after just three months.

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Geoff Morrell, who crafted the company’s initial neutral stance on the law, said in a letter obtained by CNBC the job was a bad fit. Disney later reversed its position under pressure from fringe groups and activist employees and its stock has since plummeted. In addition, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into a law a bill stripping Disney of longstanding tax breaks and carveouts that gave its Orlando theme park unprecedented autonomy.

“After three months in this new role, it has become clear to me that for a number of reasons it is not the right fit,” Morrell said in the letter. “After talking this over with [Disney CEO] Bob [Chapek], I have decided to leave the company to pursue other opportunities.”

Newcomer Kristina Schake, a veteran of the Obama and Biden administrations as well as Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, has taken over Disney’s communications office and reports directly to Chapek, CNBC reported. Schake has “oversight for corporate and segment communications and continue to be our chief spokesperson,” Chapek told Disney staff.

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