Elon Musk Under Fire, MSNBC Guest Accuses Him of Racism

Air Force / Public Domain

Regular MSNBC guest Elie Mystal claimed that new platform owner Elon Musk would leak black users’ direct messages from Twitter.

Mystal, who also serves as The Nation’s justice correspondent, argued that the billionaire entrepreneur would not protect the privacy of direct messages on Twitter — unless the users happened to be white.

“To me, the principle danger in the new Twitter overlord is that an impulsive, bad faith actor with a history of racial animus now owns messages to and from Black people that were intended to be private or quasi private,” Mystal began, going on to note that he often used Twitter messages to reach out to sources — something that people might not feel safe doing if they believed the privacy of those messages could ever be compromised.

“In the future, Elon will own all that. Do you trust him to protect your privacy?” Mystal asked.

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