Washington School District Launches ‘Ethnic Studies’ to Resist ‘Systems of Oppression’

The front of Lafayette High School in the summer of 2019 / Photo by Daniel C. Hodges via Wikimedia Commons

The Northshore School District in Washington state launched an ethnic studies program early last year in which an Ethnic Studies Pilot Work Team was offered materials to learn about “transformative ethnic studies in schools that will aid in the development of an Ethnic Studies Framework.”

According to a slide presentation from October, the purpose of ethnic studies is “to transform student lives by promoting healing from historical trauma, humanizing and empowering all students, and promoting civic and community engagement through action in solidarity with others.”

“Ethnic Studies pedagogy promotes collaboration in learning, higher level thinking and critical analysis of racism and other forms of oppression,” the slide continues. “Ethnic Studies further provides students with the opportunity to understand themselves and their intersectionality in relation to society.”

And in a November slide presentation, the work team listed several bullet points detailing what “we are talking about” when ethnic studies are being discussed.

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