Record Deliberation for ISIS Supporter Ends in Conviction

ttarasiuk via ( Flickr

A London jury reportedly found an Islamic State supporter guilty of murdering lawmaker Sir David Amess after just 18 minutes of deliberations.

Ali Harbi Ali, 26, was convicted of stabbing the 69-year-old Amess 20 times during a constituency surgery in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, in October 2021, the BBC reported. Ali denied the charges against him and said that he targeted Amess because of a 2014 vote for airstrikes in Syria, the outlet continued.

Ali had spent years diligently researching and planning prospective lawmakers to attack and said that Amess deserved to die because of his decision to strike Syria, The Associated Press reported. The lead prosecutor in the case, Tom Little, said that Ali’s actions constituted “nothing less than an assassination,” carried out because of his “warped and twisted and violent ideology,” the outlet noted.

Amess died at the scene of the stabbing, leaving behind his wife and five children. “It was a murder carried out by that young man who for many years had been planning just such an attack and who was, and is, a committed, fanatical, radicalized Islamist terrorist,” Little told jurors, according to AP.

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