Alabama Recalls Let’s Go Brandon License Plate

A screencap from Loza Alexander’s new “Let’s Go Brandon” music video / Screenshot via Loza Alexander on YouTube

Back in October, Nathan Kirk, who lives and owns a gun store in Blount County, Ala., ordered a new vanity license plate for his Ford F-150. The plate featured the Gadsden flag, better known as the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, and the letters “LGBFJB.” Kirk says he paid a whopping $700 for the specialized license plate.

Of course, we all know what that letter combo stands for: “Let’s Go, Brandon. F*** Joe Biden.” Somebody at the Alabama Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division, decided months later that they didn’t like it.

Last month, Kirk received a letter from the state telling him that he had to return the plate within 10 days or face hefty fines as well as lose his vehicle registration.

“The Alabama Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Division, has determined the above referenced license plate contains objectionable language which is considered by the Department to be offensive to the peace and dignity of the State of Alabama,” the letter read in part, as reported by

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