Biden Says American Gun Owners are the Resitstance

Gage Skidmore via ( Flickr

President Joe Biden was calling out America’s gun owners at a recent press conference he held in New York, apparently, you, the gun owner, are now the resistance.

President Biden held an hour-long press conference in New York to discuss the topic of gun violence in America and the rising crime rates we are seeing all across the country. The press conference was unnecessarily long and loaded with errors and gaffes, but that is to be expected with any Biden press conference at this point and time. What was not expected, however, was Biden’s attack on American gun owners.

During the Press Conference Biden was referencing past efforts by other administrations and legislators to pass gun control regulation when he called out the “resistance” that prevented those efforts from ever coming to fruition.

The “resistance” that stopped these measures from ever becoming law is, of course, American gun owners sending in letters or voicing their concerns and sometimes acting through lobbyists, activist groups, or other third parties. People don’t like gun control especially when they themselves own guns and are directly threatened by whatever measure is up for debate.

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