Ukraine Leader Wins Ronald Reagan Freedom Award

National Archives Photo

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was named the winner of the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award on Monday for his “courageous fight against tyranny,” according to a new report.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, the organization behind the award, selected Zelensky for his stand for freedom against Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine, Axios first reported.

“The world applauds President Zelensky and all that he stands for — democracy, individual liberty, freedom, and hope,” Fred Ryan, chairman of the foundation and institute board of trustees, said in a statement.

“As Americans, we know that freedom is as much a part of us as our blood. It can’t be bartered away. The truth is that the word freedom is deceptively simple. It’s a word that describes the God-given condition of the human soul,” Reagan said in a video regarding the announcement released by the Reagan Foundation.

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