One Comment Resulted in the Firing of This Police Chief

Edited Photo by Matthew Daley via ( Wikipedia Commons

A Fort Lauderdale, Florida, police chief was fired after an investigation stated he had asked, “Which one is blacker?” when considering a promotion and also allegedly pointed to photographs on a conference room of the department’s command staff, saying, “That wall is too white,” and “I’m gonna change that.”

Former Fort Lauderdale police chief Larry Scirotto, 48, the first openly gay police chief hired in Fort Lauderdale, was fired last Thursday after bias complaints filed last October with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission prompted an investigation. Two police officers said they had been denied promotions based on race, sexual orientation and gender.

City Manager Chris Lagerbloom informed the police department he would freeze all promotions until further notice “to address concerns surrounding the recent police department promotions.” The promotions made by Scirotto would undergo review, he stated, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

The attorney representing the two officers stated, “In my opinion enough people have come forward to question the veracity of the promotional process and whether or not procedure was properly followed.”

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