Democrats Want to Produce Oil, Just Not Here

Official photo of the Capitol building / Public Domain

Conservatives ripped California Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman for suggesting that Saudi Arabia increase its oil production so that nations around the world can reduce their dependence on Russian oil exports.

“Saudi Arabia – now is your chance to be an ally or an enemy of those standing against Russia’s attack on #Ukraine,” Sherman tweeted. “Saudi Arabia must open taps and produce more oil so the world can turn its back on Russian oil. Otherwise, the blood of Ukrainians is also on Saudi Arabia’s hands.”

Sherman’s comments come amid growing concerns that gas prices will continue to climb because of the economic fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Oil prices briefly crossed the $100 per barrel mark early Thursday morning after news broke that Russia had launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Russia was the second-largest producer of oil in the world in 2021, and Russian imports make up 7% of U.S. oil imports annually. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden terminated the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day as president and suspended new oil and gas drilling after a federal judge struck down the use of the “social cost of carbon” in pollution assessments.

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