Woke Teen Thinks MLK Ended Slavery

Screenshot via Twitter

Let’s cover our bases here. If this is a comedy bit, it’s a good one. I hope that’s the case because if not, it’s yet another thing to add to the list showing how public education has totally failed. Just teach the kids, liberals. What’s so hard about that simple and universally accepted concept. Instead, we have academic frauds peddling projects like 1619 or critical race theory that distorts American history so much you might as well erase it because it’s all wrong. It’s painfully wrong.

I don’t know what this walkout was about—it looks like it was over some stupid liberal nonsense, but one Tik Tok captured a supposed student giving credit to the late Martin Luther King for abolishing slavery. I’m not kidding. Libs of Tik Tok again comes in with a grand slam:

“I am so glad that years ago Dr. Martin Luther King, the first black man ending slavery, because if not people would be whipped every day,” said the supposed student.

What now? Who ended slavery? First, she’s in the wrong century. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery from our shores in 1865. And King wasn’t fighting slavery, he was fighting the institutional system of racial discrimination in the South called ‘Jim Crow.’ Those are wholly separate fights. One fought in the 19th century which served as the basis for our civil war. The second was in the 20th century. King was assassinated in 1968—how does this person not know that slavery had long been abolished. No one corrects her. Either they’re too embarrassed by this historical foul-up or they agreed with her.

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