Kanye West Stands Up for America

Photo by Daniele Dalledonne via Flickr

Kanye West is causing drama again thanks to a Miami promotional event for his newly released “Donda 2” album. According to a post on social media, event attendees included rappers French Montana, Sean Combs and Cordae Amari Dunston plus Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

At the show, Ye sampled a sound bite of Vice President Kamala Harris saying her oft-quoted “We did it Joe, we did it,” as dancers in black marched in a circle through water around the singer and a church, Fox News reported.

The line comes from a video clip Harris tweeted on November 7, 2020 of the VP calling Biden to congratulate him on winning the election. Though West didn’t provide commentary during the performance, some Twitter users assumed the Grammy winner was mocking Harris as her and Biden’s approval ratings continue to drop nationwide.

The Twitter account Occupy Democrats shared their feelings on West using the clip.

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