Good News for Baldwin, Bad News for Us

Stylized photo of a Ruger Blackhawk / Photo by Grace Boatright on FullMagNews

For anyone clinging to hopes that Alec Baldwin is going to face the music for shooting that woman, you can take your hopes and throw it right in the bin.

Santa Fe DA Mary Carmack-Altwives is coming out to defend Baldwin. DA Carmack-Altwives is the official who would prosecute a case against Baldwin if things were to come to that, considering this it is safe to assume Baldwin is going to walk scott-free.

Santa Fe DA Carmack-Altwives spoke with Vanity Fair and told the publication that an “unofficial test” from her team of experts leaves the possibility for the firearm to have gone off without the trigger being pulled.

Alec Baldwin was on the set of Rust when a firearm he was holding went off with a live round in the chamber, this round killed one woman(Helayna Hutchins) and wounded one man(Joel Souza). Since the incident, Baldwin has claimed that he did not pull the trigger of the gun that went off.

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