Did Kalashnikov Steal a Gun Design from a Video Game?

The Mastodon In Ward B’s Upcoming title OCEANIC / Image by Ward B

Allegations are being thrown left and right over Kalashnikov’s new MP-155 Ultima shotgun, according to a video game developer the design for the real world firearm was stolen right from their upcoming title, OCEANIC.

Indie Game Studio Ward B is working on a new project called OCEANIC, the game is a first-person shooter set in a science fiction environment. Ward B is an extremely small studio with a meager 40 person team, many of which are only working part-time, but this small team has a depth of experience in the game development space with many members having worked on AAA titles such as Call of Duty, Halo, Overwatch, and Destiny.

Ward B is alleging that Kalashnikov, famed for the AK series of rifles, took a design from their upcoming title and created a real version of the firearm without their permission. The two arms in question are the fictional Mastodon from Ward B’s OCEANIC and the MP-155 Ultima from Kalashnikov.

The Mastodon In Ward B’s Upcoming title OCEANIC / Image by Ward B


The Kalashnikov Group’s MP-155 Ultima / Screenshot from the Kalashnikov Group on YouTube

These are serious allegations to be sure, but what evidence do the developers at Ward B have? And does this case of IP theft pass the eye test?

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