The Real Reason Chris Cuomo Was Fired

Photo by Josh Hallett via Flickr

In December, Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN following an internal investigation of his actions involving his brother’s defense, which CNN claimed violated the journalistic standards of the network. This seemed like an unlikely explanation, given CNN’s notable lack of journalist standards. But there was the hint that something else had been uncovered, too.

“With information in the texts and documents pointing to a serious breach of CNN standards, Cuomo was notified of his termination on Saturday,” CNN’s Brian Stelter reported at the time. “The CNN statement on Saturday also referred to ‘additional information [that] has come to light’ during the review of the document dump. A CNN spokesperson declined to share any further detail about the information.”

According to a report on Tuesday from the New York Times, CNN fired Cuomo after they learned he allegedly sexually attacked a female temp at ABC News after she rejected his advance.

“The accusation was made to CNN lawyers in December hours after Cuomo was suspended for advising his brother, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, how to dodge his own sexual harassment accusations,” the NYT reported. Cuomo was fired a few days later.

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