Freedom Convoy and Ottawa Authorities Reach Deal

Photo by Pixabay

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson announced Sunday that his office and the “Freedom Convoy” protesters came to an agreement requiring protesters to clear residential zones in the next 72 hours.

Watson sent a letter to Tamara Lich, a “Freedom Convoy” organizer, on Saturday where he spelled out his concerns with some of the ongoing protests, according to the CBC.

“My overarching concern is for the safety and security of our residents, business owners and workers in the downtown core, who are innocent collateral damage of this unprecedented national and international demonstration,” Watson said in the letter, according to the CBC. “Our residents are exhausted and on edge, and our small businesses impacted by your blockades are teetering on the brink of permanent closure.”

Lich responded with a letter where she agreed to Watson’s request to clear truckers out of residential zones as the protests “consolidate” on Parliament Hill, according to Fox News. Lich noted that the Freedom Convoy Board would have to get “buy in from the truckers” before the move could take place.

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