Michigan Republicans Ready to Fold on Gun Control

FN 509 Midsize in a hard-shell travel case / Photo by Jack Shepherd via Full Mag News

Republicans in the State of Michigan may be preparing to fold on a red flag law proposal from Democrats in the coming weeks, only time will tell if that’s what is really happening but today’s news is nothing to get excited over.

A group of bills is set to be introduced to the Michigan Senate by Democrats that are all aimed at further firearm regulation. This group of bills will be the first set of firearm regulations to receive a hearing in this legislative session. Among other things, this legislation is taking a primary focus on Red Flag Laws.

How do Republicans come into this?

Republican leadership promised Democrats several years ago that they would allow red flag legislation to be heard on the floor. Republican leadership is allegedly just honoring a promise they made years ago but some are not so sure about the arrangement. Many believe that the Republicans in Michigan are throwing in the towel and are going to let this legislation slide through while the country is focused on other issues.

According to Democrat Senator Rosemary Bayer, “we(Senator Bayer and Republican Majority Leader Mike Shirkey) did have a good discussion, I certainly did not get everything I asked for but we are going to have a hearing on the red flag bills.” Other Democrats have also come out to say that this deal is long overdue and that this is the right time to pass gun control legislation.

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