Biden Wants Americans To Know He Plans on NOT Ditching Citizens in Ukraine

President Joe Biden / Official White House Photo

Americans who need help getting out of Ukraine if Russia invades could be brought through Poland and receive support from U.S. troops, a senior defense official and a U.S. official told NBC News on Wednesday.

If U.S. troops are needed to support an evacuation, soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division would be called in to set up checkpoints for medical screening and administrative processes as well as provide logistical support and any necessary medical aid to care for people in Poland, the officials said. Members of the 82nd Airborne have not been ordered to go into Ukraine to evacuate anyone at this point, the sources said, but Pentagon officials have indicated using them for such an operation is possible if needed.

President Joe Biden warned this week that Americans who are not U.S. government employees should leave Ukraine, saying, “I’d hate to see them get caught in a crossfire.” Biden also said his administration is unsure of Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s next move.

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