Peloton Offers Laid-Off Employees a Free Peloton Subscription

Photo by Tony Webster via Flickr

I got fired … and all I got is a free bike ride.

That could be on the T-shirt of thousands of Peloton employees Tuesday after CEO John Foley company said it would give the boot to 2,800 corporate workers as part of a turnaround plan — but would offer them free fitness classes for 12 months as part of a severance package.

The Peloton membership, which typically costs $40 per month, comes in addition to more typical layoff measures including cash severance payments, extended health care coverage and help finding new jobs.

“We are equipping every team member leaving Peloton with helpful tools to make them as comfortable as possible as they explore their career path post-Peloton,” wrote Foley, who dropped $55 million on an East Hampton estate in December.

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