Loudoun County Accused of Mistreating Unmasked Students

Image by x3 from Pixabay

As Northern Virginia’s Loudoun County continues to be plagued by a sex scandal, where a now 15-year old boy was able to rape classmates throughout the district, the district is also coming under fire for their policy on mask mandates, which is to suspend students and charge them with “trespassing,” a Class I misdemeanor.

On Sunday, Nick Minock reported for ABC 7News that while students who did not show up with masks were sent to the auditorium to be segregated from their peers, they will now be suspended. Not only that, they will be physically removed from school and charged with trespassing.

“You’ve been warned if they come and do not put on a mask they will physically be removed from the property,” Mrs. Platt, who has two children in elementary school and one in middle school told 7News. “There was a lot of tense emotion in that room. It was no joke. It seems silly they would threaten a first grader. Or hang college over their head.”

Minock’s reporting from earlier in the week is consistent with audio from remarks that Janet Davidson, the Assistant Principal of Creighton’s Corner Elementary School, made at a meeting.

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