Amish Farmer Raided by ATF for Selling Guns

Shotgun Photos Courtesy of Lucas Edmonds

An Amish farmer is being investigated by the ATF for selling guns to his fellow Amish farmers as well as a few to some outsiders, now gun laws and religious freedoms are squaring off in the state of Pennsylvania and some interesting questions have been raised as a result.

The Amish farmer, Reuben King, recently had his property raided by our favorite 3 letter government agency and they managed to take home more than a handful of rifles and various other firearms. King told a local media outlet after the raid that the firearms that were confiscated during the raid were all from his personal collection.

The raid itself happened on King’s Lancaster property and the ATF agents were spotted looting his foundry. The foundry itself didn’t have anything to do with the gun sales but that is where the firearms were allegedly stored. It is not believed that King was arrested during the raid and he is currently back out on the street pending an investigation from the ATF.

Ruben King is accused of selling firearms to not only his fellow Amish but to those outside of his local Amish community, King conducted all of these sales as private transfers which are void of any and all paperwork. This is where the problem lies, private transfers are not meant to be used to sell guns in high quantities unless you are lightening a hefty collection. It should also be said that the only reason King showed up on the ATF’s radar is because he was selling to outsiders, one of which was likely an ATF agent or informant.

The issue that has been raised isn’t that King was selling to outsiders though, it was the sales he made to his fellow Amish that were the problem and this is where the religious liberty battle begins.

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