Justin Trudeau Fled the Capitol After Protest Starts

2017 Canada Summer Games via (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/) Flickr

Critics are slamming Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a “coward” for reportedly fleeing his residence in the country’s capital of Ottawa as a massive anti-vaccine mandate protest converged on the city.

“What a complete coward. He won’t even face the citizens he has discriminated against,” Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe tweeted.

The Freedom Convoy of truckers left Vancouver for Ottawa on Jan. 23 to protest the federal government’s vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers and is calling for an end to coronavirus restrictions. The convoy reached Ottawa on Saturday and was joined by thousands of other Canadians protesting the mandates.

The protests have been peaceful, with most disturbances coming in the form of honking horns, chanting and dancing.
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