Teammates of Trans Athlete Call Locker Room ‘Definitely Awkward’

Photo by Ahl Baku via( Wikimedia Commons

A teammate of Lia Thomas on the University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team told the The Daily Mail that the locker room she shares with Thomas is “definitely awkward because Lia still has male body parts and is still attracted to women.”

The Daily Mail report includes that the anonymous teammate stated that although Thomas’ male genitalia are often covered by a towel, there have been a number of times Thomas’ nudity has been revealed, exposing the genitalia for the women on the team to glimpse and making them feel uncomfortable.

Thomas has told teammates of having dated women, The Daily Mail reported.

The anonymous teammate purportedly charged that women on the team have articulated their concern with the coach, Mike Schnur, in order to get Thomas barred from the locker room, but to no avail.

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