New Gun Control Project Plans to Change the Narrative

Screenshot from Project Unloaded

A new gun control group has come into the fray, Project Unloaded, and this group is hell-bent on its mission to “create a new cultural narrative that guns make us less safe.”

Gun Grabbers have spent years trying to legislate away your right to own a gun, now it appears they are taking up a new strategy of cultural influence. Project Unloaded is aiming to establish “safe spaces” for open conversations about firearms and firearm safety so that the next generation won’t buy guns, “on their own terms” of course. This certainly won’t end up as an organization that willfully spreads disinformation to stigmatize firearm ownership and firearms in general right? Right?

The group’s message essentially boils down to convincing kids and teens that guns are unsafe and that they should never get one. The group wants teens to choose to be “unloaded” in their future, meaning that they will never own a gun. The group wants to accomplish this by getting to teens first and convincing them that firearms are dangerous and that they can only bring danger to the table.

The first campaign that the group is diving into is called SNUG –  Safer Not Using Guns. Yes, that is guns spelled backward and this is very reminiscent of the D.A.R.E. campaigns, but more on that later.

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