Michigan Woman Becomes Millionaire After Checking Her Spam Folder

Photo by Pictures of Money via Flickr

A Michigan woman discovered millions of dollars in winnings after scouring her spam folder looking for a missing email, Michigan Lottery Connect reported Friday.

Laura Spears, 55, after finding the email filed as spam, went to the Michigan Lottery website to confirm the winnings to find out that, she was in fact, a millionaire, according to Michigan Lottery Connect.

Spears had correctly matched the required five numbers in Michigan Lottery’s Dec. 31 lottery draw to win one million dollars, but opted into the “Megaplier” for $1, which multiplied her winnings by 3, the Michigan Lottery news website said.

If she had matched the five white balls and the golden mega ball, she would have won the $376 million dollar jackpot, Newsweek reported.

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