Kyle Rittenhouse Wants His Rifle Back

Photo of Kyle Rittenhouse at his trial / Screenshot from FOX6 via YouTube

Kyle Rittenhouse is over the age of 18, he is not a convicted felon, and is public enemy number one in the eyes of radical left-wingers, Rittenhouse has all the ability and reason to get his hands on an AR-15, but Rittenhouse doesn’t want just any AR-15, he wants his AR-15 back.

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Attorney Mark Richards filed paperwork with the Kenosha County Circuit Court on Wednesday seeking the return of several items that were seized by authorities, one of those items being his AR-15.  The other items include; ammunition, sling, magazine, cellphone, cloth face mask,  the clothing Rittenhouse was wearing at the time of the shooting, and a $1 bill.

Rittenhouse wants the rifle back so that it can be destroyed according to his lawyer. Rittenhouse had previously alluded to not wanting the rifle back as it is connected to a very bad series of memories for the man, fair enough.

There really is no legal reason why Rittenhouse can not get his property back, it is his property after all. Kyle was already the legal age to possess a firearm so that should not be an issue, none of the charges stuck so that should also be a non-factor. That all being said, it is likely that authorities will give Rittenhouse a lot of trouble in this process and slow things down to an unreasonable pace.

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