Union Pacific Slams Los Angeles Politicians Over Rampant Crime

A Roger Puta Photograph

Union Pacific is one of the largest, and oldest, railroad companies in America and recently the company has been faced with modern-day train robbers in the state of California.

Gangs of thieves in California have begun robbing these trains in a variety of ways, the most common of which is to break open one of the containers when it is stopped and rip all of the boxes out of it. This style of railway robbery leaves trash everywhere and many videos have gone viral on social media showing this destruction in the streets of Los Angeles.

The main culprit? Politicians in Los Angeles county.

Union Pacific director of public affairs, Adrian Guerrero, wrote a scathing letter condemning the area and the leaders that run it over the rampant increase in crime. Guerrero slammed the city’s policies which he says enable criminals to get off easy and then brag about getting off easy.

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