TSA Will Accept Arrest Warrants From Illegals in Place of ID

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Now this just seems like next-level trolling by the Biden Administration Department of Homeland Security. The Transportation Security Administration says that undocumented immigrants “who are unable to obtain proper identification” can “pass through security using an arrest warrant to prove their identity.”

According to TSA Administrator David Pekoske,

[C]ertain Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents may be considered acceptable alternate forms of identification, including a ‘Warrant for Arrest of Alien’ and a ‘Warrant of Removal/Deportation.’

Other acceptable forms include an Order of Release on Recognizance, an Order of Supervision, a Notice to Appear, and Arrival and Departure form or an Alien Booking Record…If the traveler does not have acceptable ID, two forms of alternate ID are required and they are subject to additional screening.

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