Former Biden Covid-19 Task Force Lead Makes Admission About Remote Schooling

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Dr. Zeke Emanuel, a former member of President Biden’s COVID-19 task force, said Sunday that remote schooling for U.S. children has been “a failure across the country.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Emanuel during an appearance on the network what his advice to the Biden administration would be on whether schools should remain open or shut again due to the pandemic.

“I agree with Mayor Lightfoot that kids have to be in school, and we know that virtual learning did not work. It was a failure across the country and we kept kids out way too long,” Emanuel told Acosta on CNN.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s recently remarked that, “Our kids need to be back in school. Schools are safe.” The Chicago Teachers Union voted to return to remote learning, but the Chicago Public Schools system canceled classes, saying the district wants to continue in-person learning.

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