Trans Activists Hide Crucial Data About Sports

Foreign and Commonwealth Office via ( Wikimedia Commons

A trio of left-wing organizations refused to publish their full data set on Americans’ opinions on trans youth in sports after admitting that women’s sports advocates “win the debate on trans youth in sports against any and all arguments we have tried,” according to a messaging guide from the organizations.

ASO Communications, a self-defined “progressive” communications firm, published a messaging guide in coordination with the Transgender Law Center and a Democratic research firm, Lake Research Partners. Activists are told to build on the existing “Race Class Narrative” — which dubs anything other than social justice activism as racist — to persuade American voters to favorably view biological men competing in women’s sports.

“This new approach builds on the Race Class Narrative to demand to tell a convincing story of how our opposition uses strategic racism and transphobia to harm us all,” the guide reads.

The guidebook is not available on the Lake Research Partners or Transgender Law Center’s website, though it was archived at a small blog and available on the ASO Communications website.

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