Cuomo May Get Off Scott Free

Photo by Shinya Suzuki via Flickr

The district attorney’s office in Westchester County, New York, announced Tuesday that former Gov. Andrew Cuomo will not be criminally charged for two sexual misconduct allegations against him, despite “credible evidence” that such events occurred.

“Our investigation found credible evidence to conclude that the alleged conduct in both instances described above did occur. However, in both instances, my Office has determined that, although the allegations and witnesses were credible, and the conduct concerning, we cannot pursue criminal charges due to the statutory requirements of the criminal laws of New York,” Westchester County DA Miriam Rocah said in a statement.

Rocah added that the decision not to issue criminal charges against Cuomo is unrelated to any potential civil liability, which is beyond the jurisdiction of a district attorney.

According to New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report, the allegations related to Westchester County involved a female state trooper in his security detail who alleged that Cuomo asked to kiss her. She said she obliged because she feared the consequences of denying the governor’s request.

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