Former Mob Boss Rips Cuomo Over Nursing Home Deaths

Sammy “The Bull” Gravano /Screenshot from Valuetainment on YouTube

A former major mob boss ripped into former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over his actions in the nursing home scandal in which thousands of New Yorkers died from COVID-19, snapping, “I’m a bad***. I’d never do it.”

As part of a series called “The Mafia States of America,” Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, who used to help run the Gambino crime family in New York City, told host and moderator Patrick Bet-David, “I hate to get into Governor Cuomo. I will a little bit because he’s Italian and I can’t stand it,” as Fox News reported.

“One, because he’s Italian and I’m embarrassed to have someone do what he did as an Italian,” he continued. “He killed 15,000 people by putting people with the coronavirus in [nursing homes] with old people. … I don’t give a f*** who tells me to do that, whether it’s Trump, the president, the vice president, you, him (referring to fellow interviewee  and former Colombo caporegime Michael Franzese), I would never do it. And I’m a bad***. I’d never do it.”

“Gravano also said that when an individual does something like the former governor’s scandal and has ‘no concern,’ he thinks about his family, including his ‘great-grandchildren who aren’t even born” that are “going to deal with s— like this,” Fox News stated.

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