The Consequence of the Electric Vehicles


Mike Duoba, Chief Engineer at Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Powertrain Research Facility, looks on as Geoff Amann completes a driving cycle with All-Electric Tesla Roadster at the lab’s Two-Wheel Dynamometer Lab / Photo by the US Department of Energy

A major nickel mine in a Philippines rainforest has continued to expand, mowing down acres of trees as global demand for minerals essential for electric vehicle manufacturing surges.

The Rio Tuba mine in the region of Palawan supplies an important mineral for electric vehicle batteries in Tesla and Toyota cars, but the mine is nearing an expansion that would cause it to grow from four square miles to 14 square miles, according to an NBC News investigation. The growth of the mine would cause massive deforestation of the land which environmentalists warn could destroy the area’s ecosystem.

Critics of the mine have suggested it could lead to an increased runoff of toxic waste into the environment, further harming the local wildlife, according to NBC News.

“What is at stake there is the life and survival of the people in the communities,” Grizelda Mayo-Anda, an environmental lawyer in Palawan, told NBC News.

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