Women’s March Apologizes for Non-Offensive Email

Photo by Ted Eytan from Washington, DC, USA via Wikimedia Commons

The Women’s March apologized on Tuesday after sending out an email reporting an average donation of $14.92, a figure reflecting the year Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas.

“We apologize deeply for the email that was sent today. $14.92 was our average donation amount this week,” the apology on Twitter said. “It was an oversight on our part to not make the connection to a year of colonization, conquest, and genocide for Indigenous people, especially before Thanksgiving.”

It is unclear if the apology was in response to specific complaints made by email recipients offended by the mention of 1492. The Women’s March did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

The apology was widely mocked on Twitter, with many users saying they were unable to determine whether or not the post was satire.

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