BLM Activists Threaten Riots and Bloodshed, Mayor-Elect Responds

The March of Millions on Sunday the 8th of December in Kiev / Photo by Ivan Bandura via Wikimedia Commons

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams (D) has vowed to bring back the city’s plainclothes police unit after NYC Black Lives Matter activists threatened “riots” and “bloodshed.”

Adams appeared on CNN on Thursday after a heated exchange with Black Lives Matter of Greater New York sibling co-founders Hawk and Chivona Newsome the day before. After the trio met behind closed doors at Brooklyn Borough Hall, Hawk Newsome threatened civil unrest and violence if the mayor-elect followed through on his campaign promise to restore the New York City Police Department’s anti-crime units.

A defiant Adams promised to keep his pledge despite the threats from the local BLM leaders.

“I made it clear on the campaign trail: I’m going to put in place not the Anti-Crime Unit, I’m going to put in place a plainclothes gun unit,” Adams said, according to The New York Post. “This is what I’m going to do. That was my promise and I’m going to keep it.”

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