Antifa Medic’s Testimony at Rittenhouse Trial Backfires

cantfightthetendies via ( Flickr

Gaige Grosskreutz, an alleged “people’s revolution” activist and the man wounded by Kyle Rittenhouse during the Kenosha riots on August 25, 2020, made a never-before-heard accusation from the witness stand during day five of the Rittenhouse murder trial Monday. It may just backfire on him.

Rittenhouse, who was 17-years-old at the time of the shooting, is on trial for killing two men and wounding Grosskreutz during the civil unrest.

Grosskreutz was wounded in the arm after pointing his Glock pistol at Rittenhouse as the teen lay on the ground after being kicked and bashed in the head with a skateboard. Rittenhouse fired at the man who had kicked him in the head, missed, then shot skateboard-wielding Anthony Huber once, killing him.

Under questioning by prosecutor Thomas Binger, Grosskreutz testified that Rittenhouse re-racked his Smith and Wesson M&P rifle and shot at him, but it misfired. This has never been alleged before and no one has yet testified to that effect except Grosskreutz, who characterized Rittenhouse as a “murderer” in front of the jury. That testimony was struck from the record, but jurors won’t un-hear that accusation. Indeed, it’s the jury’s decision as to whether there was malice on the part of Rittenhouse or whether he was simply protecting himself.

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