Tourists Are Afraid to Visit Portland and it Isn’t Hard to Figure Out Why

These guys were staged and ready to go in case Henry pooped on city grass. / Photo by Old White Truck via Flickr

Portland, Oregon is nearly dead last on the list of cities where tourists and conventioneers want to spend money and time. And it makes sense. Portland is circling the drain.

The leaderless city from which police are fleeing, where Antifa thugs are ascendant, and which people in nearby towns avoid, is dying before our eyes.

Elected Leftists can’t seem to prioritize problems or affect solutions beyond spending more money to study an issue or giving out more freebies via their favorite NGO’s to “fix” problems for them. Grift being what it is, problems don’t get solved.

Leftists have tried hard to mold the one-time jewel of a city into their socialist utopia.

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