Red Flag Legislation Moves Forward in Congress

Stylized photo of a M&P 9 Shield EZ / Photo by Grace Boatright

Red Flag legislation is one of the most controversial gun control proposals in modern American politics. These proposals are more controversial than the blanket gun bans for one simple reason, these proposals are actually feasible.

House Resolution 2377 or the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act will allow for the seizure of firearms in all 50 states with no due process so long as an official can justify the seizure on the grounds of  “protection of the community.”

This proposed law would give family members and police the ability to seek a court order that would strip the subject of said court order of their gun rights for up to 14 days. These court orders would be obtained with ex parte proceedings, meaning that the individual having their firearms seized would be unable to defend themselves in these proceedings. This legislation would also grant the ability to extend the temporary seizure up to a period of 180 days.

H.R. 2377 was put forward by Georgia Democrat Lucy McBath. Note that Congresswoman McBath took her seat in Congress with major backing from the gun control lobby and gun control pontiff Michael Bloomberg. Prior to landing the seat on capitol hill, McBath served as the faith and outreach leader for Moms Demand Action(MDA) for roughly 5 years. Also, take note of the fact that McBath put this bill forward after meeting with several high-profile members of the gun control lobby and President Joe Biden.

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