Male Students Give Techers Lap Dance During ‘Man Pagent’

The front of Lafayette High School in the summer of 2019 / Photo by Daniel C. Hodges via Wikimedia Commons

Parents of students at Hazard High School in Kentucky are upset over inappropriate dances and costumes at a student assembly, WKYT reported.

Students dressed up for what the Courier Journal called a “Man Pageant.” Female students donned Hooters uniforms with mugs that looked like they were filled with beer, boys danced inappropriately on teachers while dressed in women’s lingerie and students were allegedly paddled at the event, WKYT reported.

Photos of the costume contest, which was part of the school’s homecoming week were originally posted to Hazard High School Athletics’ Facebook page, but are now deleted, WKYT reported.

Principal of Hazard High School and Mayor of Hazard, Happy Mobelini, was shown in the event’s photos. He told WKYT Wednesday that all questions regarding the incident should be directed toward the superintendent’s office. (RELATED: Judge Finds Skirt-Wearing Teen Boy Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Female Classmate In Loudoun County School Bathroom)

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